Kink U 2024

Kink U Raleigh is back, and class is in session!

Kink U is a free to attend kink education event, created by the Titans of the Midwest, for anyone over the age of 21, regardless of gender or sexual identity. The goal of Kink U is to help provide a safe environment for people to learn how to safely and enjoyably engage in different kinks/play.

While the event is free to attend, we do suggest (not require) a $10 donation that will go to the AASC.

Classes will be held at Flex Nightclub with Doors opening at 10:30AM and classes beginning at 11:00AM.

This year we're switching things up and narrowing focus with three classes. Stay tuned for details soon!

Schedule of Events

February 10th, 2024

11:00AM - Gear Care 102: Friction & Elbow Grease
12:00PM/1:00PM - Lunch Break
1:00PM - Pet Headspace
2:00PM/2:30PM - Break
2:30PM - Power Dynamics Panel
3:30PM - End of Kink U
3:45PM - Auction Closes
4:00PM/4:30pm - Breakdown/Item Pickup

Gear Care 102:
Friction & Elbow Grease


Taking care of your leather and gear can seem like no small task, but with the Gear Care 102 Class, we’ll show you how to use a little friction and elbow grease outside the bedroom to make your gear shine.   We’ll have live demonstrations of building up polish for a high shine boot; cleaning and conditioning for when those play sessions get a little messy, and even spend some time caring for the metal hardware that binds our leathers together.

Please feel free to bring your own kit if you would like to follow along with the class.

Pet Play: Headspace & Mindset 


Dive into an exciting one-hour adventure with Gryphn, Bonër, Sir Dog Loki, and Pup Koda Bean as they cover the ins and outs of Pet Play!

"Pet Play, Headspace & Mindset" will unleash your curiosity as we navigate the exciting world of BDSM dynamics - exploring headspace variations, Handler and Pet roles, and the art of responsible engagement. Get ready for personal stories, a Q&A session, and a playful demonstration (if time allows). This isn't your average class, either - come with an open mind, a sense of humor, and a readiness to discover the fun side of consensual kink and BDSM!

Power Dynamics Panel


Hopping into a relationship with a Power Dynamic can be intimidating, but the tension is half the fun! Grab a seat with our panel for our last class of the day, where we will guide an open discussion around Power Exchange, Negotiations, Challenges, and how our families function in day to day life. This is an interactive class, so feel free to come with plenty of questions for the panel! 

Meet Your Instructors!

Ally Bass

Your friendly neighborhood panel moderator and amateur shutterbug!

Ally has been a full member of The Red Lions since May of 2023 but has been assisting and participating in events with the club for a few years now. Though relatively new to leather, Ally has been a proud and active member of the kink communities in both Fayetteville, North Carolina and in the Triangle since 2016. Passionate about community and kink, Ally is excited to be a part of this event.

Ally is pansexual and identifies as a submissive leaning switch with masochistic tendencies. Though they are currently unpartnered, they enjoy and explore a platonic D/s dynamic with their puppy, Iota.

When they're not indulging in their kinky interests, Ally is a scientist, not-so-closet nerd, and cat mom with a vice for smutty romance novels. 

Michael Christopher

Michael Christopher proudly bears the titles of alumni and former president of the Red Lions of Raleigh. His journey includes earning the title of Mr. North Carolina Triangle Leather 2019/2020, and achieving a top 10 placement at IML 44. Beyond the competition stage, Michael channels his passion into community work, actively participating in fundraising, event creation and organization, Bootblacking and gear care, Kink education, and leadership initiatives. Currently residing in Maryland, Michael embraces a dynamic role as the devoted boy/partner to his Sir/Daddy Loki and Alpha Koda; as well as a separate dynamic as boy/partner to Daddy Jay. Throughout his different roles and experiences, Michael remains dedicated to fostering inclusivity, education, and connection within the kink and leather communities. 

Sir Dog Loki

Loki has been active in the leather and pup/pet play community for almost 20 years. Started initially in Phoenix working with Arizona pups and Handlers, continuing with the San Francisco K9 Unit, and over 10 years offering community Handling for new and nervous pets at IML Pet Mosh. Loki has served as VP for Seattle pups and Handlers & owns and runs Handler Forum, the largest open community for new Handler education. Loki has taken lead of the IML pet mosh, and continues to develop new Handlers to ensure support is always prevalent in the community.  Loki has 4 wonderful pups, Koda, Michael, Ranger, & Remo.

Pup Koda Bean

Pup Koda Bean resides in Maryland, and has been collared to Sir Dog Loki for 7 years, as well as Alpha to boy Michael. He was apart of the Seattle pups and handlers, and a regular volunteer for the IML pup mosh. In his free time, Koda Bean enjoys indoor gardening (ask him about his Basil!) and diving deep into the history, creation, and enjoyment of Tiki drinks and Bars.

Gryphn & Jay

A Marine Combat Veteran and resident of Baltimore, Maryland Gryphn (they/he) has been an active member of the kink and leather communities since as early as 2006, consent drives his core values. In 2015 he served as the Scratcher (scribe) for the now no longer in existence M.A.K.K ( Mid-Atlantic Kennel Korps), 2016 he was the first Mid-Atlantic Puppy, in 2018 he was a founding member of DC-PAH now known as CAP-PAH. Gryphn now spends his time working towards the betterment of himself and those around him, through mentorship or classes like these.  Gryphn has experience on both ends of the leash and knows the value of protecting your headspace.

Local to Ottawa, Canada Jay (he/they) has his “over a decade” card in the BDSM circles and more than a few countries under his belt. One of the original old dogs of Ruff ‘N Tumble in Ottawa, he was simply called “Puppy” by the Ottawa TNG organization (and the unofficial guard dog should someone need to be informed of how consent works). 

When asked by someone “how does he get into that headspace?” a partner of his once replied “that’s not the problem with him, it’s convincing him to put on his human mask again that’s the issue.”. 

As a team, Gryphn & Jay have between them years and miles of experience and stories to share. They hope that if anything is taken away from their presentation it is that while there is no one correct way to operate in or achieve headspace, there are things that every one of us are responsible for regardless of our role when we engage in these activities.